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Rixstine Sports

Looking for awards for your sports events? Look no further. We carry a large selection of medals, trophies, cups, sculptures, glass and acrylic awards and more. Browse our inventory or give us a call and we'll help you find what you need.

Rixstine Weddings

Trophy Weddings is your "one-stop shop" for all your personalized, custom wedding items, gifts, and party favors. Come see us for all your engraving, lasering, screen printing, and embroidery needs. Just to name a few, we can do custom cake toppers, wedding party shirts, koozies, champagne flutes, canvas pictures, aluminum wall art, and custom flip flops.


Gold-n-Satin is our exclusive store for school ribbons. Our ribbons are one of a kind, custom made for your school. Please remember these great prices are for schools only, so if you're looking for non-school event ribbons, give us a call 800-347-3810.

Promotional Mall

Rixstine's Promotional Mall is home to all the items your business or party needs to be recognized. Pens, bags, koozies, signs, fidget spinners, and more! Order 50 or 50,000, we can handle it all and customize it for you.

Design Studio

Our Design Studio is your "one-stop shop" for all your personalized and custom apparel. Browse products and designs. Upload and save your artwork. Watch your designs come to life produced in our facility. 

Apparel Shop

Rixstine's Apparel Shop holds the vast majority of the apparel we offer. From work uniforms to bachelor party shirts, we have the apparel for you. T-Shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, short shorts, tank tops, crop tops, polos, jackets, vests, hats, scarves and more! Search or browse through our selection, and once you've made a decision, we'll personalize it for you.

Your Online Stores

Your Online Stores combine our apparel shop and design studio to create your own store. Whether you need an outlet for your employees to order uniforms, or you're starting a fundraiser for your school, sports team, or another event, we can help. Check out the site to see how easy it is to get your store up and running.

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