APL06 plaque

Item Number:  APL06
APL06 plaque
APL06 plaque
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Plaque Size


This is a wood grain plaque with an APA or Leagues logo disk and a personalized plate that has the information for your event. There is also a photo holder for your personal photo.

Each size plaque holds a different size photo:

8 x 10 plaque holds a 4 x 6 photo

9 x 12 plaque holds a 5 x 7 photo

12 x 15 plaque holds a 5 x 7 photo

This plaque is available in a variety of sizes. If you dont see the one youre looking for please call or email us at 1-800-347-3810 Ext 244
Height: 10.00 inches
Width: 1.00 inches
Length: 8.00 inches


Complex artwork, creation or modification, will be billed at $40.00 per hour


Additional requirements apply for free shipping.
Contact your APA Sales Rep. for more information.